Guangdong clothes hanger factory: can you choose clothes hanger?

2020-12-08 17:30:32

I. electric clothes airing machine

Electric airing and lifting are driven by motors. With the development of science and technology, a variety of smart clothes racks have appeared in the market, which is controlled by mobile app, which is very convenient for our days.

2. Hand drying rack

Through the manual method to adjust the height of the clothes rack, the operation is also very convenient, become a dry clothes rack.

3. Wall hanging clothes hanger

The wall hanging clothes hanger is installed on the wall. It is attached to the wall when it is normally put down. It does not take up space. It is only started when the clothes are dried. Most suitable for hotels, dormitories, hospital wards, family rooms and so on.


IV. floor type clothes hanger

The floor type floor type clothes hanger is a kind of clothes hanger directly placed on the ground. At present, there are X-shaped, butterfly shaped (also known as airfoil), horizontal bar and parallel bar type, which are easy to move. It is suitable for rooms, balconies and outdoors.

5. Lifting clothes drying rack

The clothes hanger should be selected for the dwelling, including stainless steel, aluminum electroplating and aluminum titanium magnesium alloy, and the air drying rod with the thickness of aluminum titanium magnesium alloy more than 1.2 mm may be imported stainless steel pipe.

Source: Guangdong clothes hanger factory

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