The difference between plastic coat hanger and dip plastic hanger

2020-12-08 17:30:32

Plastic sleeve is to cover the iron wire with plastic pipe, then cut and bend it into a hanger; this is first covered with plastic and then molded. The plastic line is immersed in the plastic, and the plastic wire is heated to make it stick to the plastic hanger. Molding first and then dipping. Dipping plastic clothes hanger is to put the formed pig iron directly into the melted plastic and then take it out to cool directly. The plastic coating is to cover the formed plastic outside the iron wire and fold it into the shape of the clothes hanger. As the name suggests, dip molding is to dip the iron clothes rack into the melt plastic solution, then take out the film and cool it. The plastic coat hanger is a kind of product that converts the steel wire with plastic pipe in advance into a clothes hanger.

1. Different principles

1. Dip plastic clothes hanger: put the molding iron into the plastic directly and take it out directly. After cooling, it can solidify into film.

2. Plastic coat hanger: plastic covering is to cover the plastic formed outside the iron wire and fold it into the shape of a hanger.


2. Different materials

1. Dipping clothes hanger: the typical common one is PVC dipping solution, which is made of PVC mixed with more than 10 kinds of additives and additives in strict accordance with the ratio, and is made by fine mixing and reaction refining, and then adding iron wire.

2. Plastic coat hanger: made of pure plastic.

3. Different characteristics

Low temperature, non-toxic, low-temperature resistant, low-temperature resistant.

2. Plastic coat hanger: the price is cheaper, but the stability is worse.

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