Guangdong clothes hanger factory: what kind of material is cost-effective?

2020-12-08 17:30:32

1. Look at the packaging. The clothes hanger with strength is often well packaged and exquisite!

2. According to the data of air drying poles, there are stainless steel, aluminum magnesium alloy and silicon magnesium titanium aluminum alloy (hereinafter referred to as titanium alloy) on the market. Many businesses call their products titanium alloy, which can't be seen by eyes. The hardness and toughness of titanium alloy rod are better. How to determine: first, ask the manufacturer to clarify the information or go to the manufacturer's website for inquiry, often the manufacturer's information will not say false; second, directly pull the two ends of the lever, aluminum alloy will often bend, can not be restored, titanium alloy will not. Including some well-known brand clothes hanger, the manufacturer's information is aluminum alloy, but the business is called titanium alloy.

3. Look at the steel wire rope, the steel wire rope is very important, one looks at the thickness, the other looks at the flexibility. The thicker the wire rope, the softer the better. Identification method: half the steel wire rope and spread it to see if it can be recovered.

4. Look at the hand crank, which is the core component of the clothes hanger, which is very crucial. But it is difficult to determine the appearance when purchasing, and the time is the standard for checking the quality.


5. Depending on the thickness of the drying rod, the clothes hanger for parallel goods is often thin.

6. Look at the appearance of the rod: the surface treatment technology of the rod is very important, and there are several kinds of the following on the market: 1) polishing treatment, the appearance of the rod looks very bright, close to the primary color of the aluminum alloy, but no surface anti-oxidation treatment is made, the appearance of the rod will be black; 2) electroplating treatment, often known as sanding rod, this treatment process is relatively simple, the appearance of the rod is not very Bright light, more common in the market; 3) spray treatment, mostly for color rod, spray treatment of the rod to carefully check whether the appearance is smooth, whether there are small bubbles, live paint off; 4) electrophoresis, electrophoresis treatment technology is more messy, the appearance of the rod is very bright, better level.

7. Look at the pulley. The pulley is made of ordinary metal, even iron and copper. The pulley of the product in the clothes rack is made of carbon steel, and the top seat and other accessories are all made of titanium alloy.

8. Look at the expansion screw, which is often ignored by customers. Good products often have good screws, which is an important factor in determining whether the installation is good and whether the installation is firm, which indirectly reflects the quality and strength of the product.

Source: Guangdong clothes hanger factory

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