How to store clothes? Let Guangdong clothes hanger wholesale tell you

2020-12-08 17:30:32

First, eliminate the clothes you can't wear

Tell girls not to buy new clothes, sure: "can't do it!" But the more clothes you buy, the smaller the closet space. It's no way to go on like this. In fact, you look through the closet carefully, whether there are some very similar shirts, or there is a skirt that doesn't look good, but it has been hanging in the closet. If a piece of clothing has not been worn for more than a year, it is very unlikely that you will wear it in the future. It is better to donate it to charity or to relatives and friends. In order to make other clothes comfortable, you have to say byebye with less clothes.

Clothes you should give up:

1. The clothes I haven't worn for a long time almost forget its existence.

2. Clothes that don't match the standard and the foundation, and they don't look good.

3. Clothes that are fashionable and dare not wear now.

4. Clothes with repeated patterns and colors.

5. Clothes with dirt or holes that cannot be remedied.

Take a good look at your clothes. Is there a repeat purchase?

2. Clean and tidy up clothes

This process can not be ignored. Although some clothes are only worn once and the surface is dry and clean, they are still stained with some dust and sweat. When they are taken out for wearing after a winter, there are many pieces of sweat stains on them, and it's too late to clean them up and regret. Therefore, every piece of clothes to be preserved must be confirmed to be clean, so as to keep the clothes in a better condition.

Things to pay attention to when washing clothes:

1. To see clearly the washing method indicated on the clothes, the clothes made of wool, silk, hemp and rayon will shrink and deform after being washed in water, and they must be sent to the laundry for dry cleaning.

2. Sweat stains that are not easy to clean can be easily removed by taking two or three tablespoons of ammonia water during washing, soaking for a few minutes, and then scrubbing again. After washing with clean water, it can be easily removed according to the general washing procedures!

3. Clothes stained with blood should be washed with cold water, because hot water will coagulate the protein in the blood. In addition, radish contains blood differentiation components, which can be wiped with gauze and some radish mud.

4. When cooking, simply dip the oil stains on the food, and then use a wet towel to dip a little lemon juice to clean up.


3. Classify and store clothes

After confirming that the clothes have been completely cleaned, you can start to store them. The clothes sent for dry cleaning must be removed from the plastic cover and blown in a ventilated place. The dry cleaning agent left on the clothes is a toxic chemical substance, which is not only harmful to the body, but also harmful to the material of the clothes. Therefore, it is necessary to let it evaporate before it can be put into the wardrobe or box for storage. In the storage time should also be organized, do a good classification in advance, not only to take out to wear simple cleaning, but also to take advantage of this time to let yourself know what has been, to avoid repeated purchase of the scene again.

2 categories of clothes:

1. Decide by the material of clothes

We should hang or fold the clothes that are suitable for hanging, including: coats, suits, shirts easy to wrinkle, and other simple wrinkled clothes such as linen and rayon can also be stored better by hanging. Suitable folding clothes are: knitted clothes, cotton tops, trousers, skirts and dresses. When folding, it can be rolled up and stored in the way of rolling sushi, which saves space and is easy to take.

2. Classification by color and type of clothing

The same color, the same type or the same function of clothing (such as office wear or casual wear) will be collected, so as to facilitate the deployment of clothing and provide reference for future purchase of clothing. Don't take the dry cleaning plastic cover to use! Not simply wrinkled knitted clothes and cotton clothes are suitable to be preserved by folding, while clothes made of coat, shirt or flax are suitable for hanging. Be able to label the storage box to record what things are put in it, such as what kind of clothes? What kind of clothes or accessories, etc., are not afraid to be confused.

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