Our factory is located in One of Block F, No.5, Dishengyi District, Taoyuan Town, Heshan City, with superior geographical location, convenient transportation and beautiful environment, ensuring the loading speed.Since its establishment, the factory has been in the spirit of people-oriented, excellence, quality, service, the principle of small profits and large sales.We have been highly praised and trusted by our customers. We welcome people from all walks of life to come for guidance and business negotiations.


Zhongmei clothes hangers all use thick wire, surface plastic powder thin, durable do not drop the skin, such clothes hangers more heavy and bear the force.


Engaged in the production of plastic coat hangers for more than ten years and established its own brand (Zhongyi) coat hangers, it can be said is experienced.


Location advantage, convenient transportation, beautiful environment, ensure the loading speed.


We have a perfect after sales team, professional to solve your various pre - sales after sales problems.


Overload-bearing clothes rack, with thickened iron wire, thin surface plastic powder, durable without peeling.


The clothes hanger with strong support is not the outer thickness but the weight of the clothes hanger. The wire hanger inside is heavy.